Alexandre "Ace" Dumas

A young man with a mysterious deck of tarot cards...


Alexandre’s parents named him after the famous French writer (The Count of Monte Cristo, the Three Musketeers), but he prefers to go by his stage name – “Ace”. As a child, Alex was always fascinated by the magicians that performed on the streets of Paris. When he was young, he aspired to be a magician. He bought himself a magic kit and taught himself how to do card tricks. As he matured, he became isolated from his friends – man considered his hobby “eccentric”. When he was 6, his family moved to North Carolina after his father received a promotion.

Later in his life, Alex dropped out of college, taking up oddball jobs to pay the bills. One day, Alex was at a curio shop when a deck of antique tarot cards caught his eye. He took it home with him and performed a few magic tricks just for fun.

That’s when strange things started to happen. He and Simone would wake up to find furniture rearranged or appliances running. When they weren’t looking, things would catch fire. His landlord became very upset with him, and he was evicted. After this, his co-worker (and secret crush), Simone, offered him a place to stay in her apartment.

In the new apartment, the strange things continued to happen. Determined to find the source, Alex eventually that the tarot cards were the source of the bizarre phenomena. After studying it and playing with it, the occurrences stopped. It seemed that Alex finally had the deck under his control.

He spent months playing with the cards, seeing what magic he could unlock. Simone became concerned that Alex was dealing with something that could harm him. After a heated argument, Alex moved out and started living on his own.

Alex realized the deck’s potential and started trying to perform real magic. He found out that it could do more than just start fires and move furniture. He took to street performing. His act attracted the attention of newspapers, television stations, and performing groups from all around. He became famous for his newfould “talent”. It wasn’t long before he was performing in venues accross the country, most notably Las Vegas, commanding the magic that rested within the cards of the deck. He adopted the stage name “Ace”. Hanging out in the clubs of Vegas, he became more suave, cool, and confident (and sometimes mischievous).

But Ace’s tour has stopped short. He has received word that Simone has gone missing. Now Ace is headed back to Sterling City to investigate her disappearance. Concerned for her safety and full of regret, Ace worries that something beyond his comprehension is at work here…


Alexandre "Ace" Dumas

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